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Bob Dylan by Milton Glaser. The iconic, mandatory wall poster in every ’60s/’70s bedroom and dorm room. Initially issued inside the first pressings of Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits double LP and sold separately thereafter. It has since become one of the most famous rock images.…

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Originally posted on RPM: Jonathan Perry's Life in Analog:
The cover of Ryan Adams’ second solo album, “Gold,” released Sept. 25, 2001. By tragic coincidence, the album’s lead single, “New York, New York,” dropped Sept. 11, 2001. The jarring image of an American Flag turned upside down on the album cover,  and the single…


“I gave up the idea of thinking I would make any big time dough in the music business a long time ago, and started just loving the fact that I have an obsession,” says Chandler Travis. “I worry about people in life who don’t. I don’t know how you’d get through.”


The “Summer of Love” it may have been, but much of the music on those iconic records of 1967 contained a far more complicated series of emotions and refracted a darker reality shot through with chaos and doubt, turmoil and altered perceptions. Unlike some of its contemporaries, the music on Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ – not to mention the mystique that continues to surround the work — seems only to have deepened with time.


It’s now almost farcical to consider that for a spell during the mid-1970s, the Rolling Stones were not only grappling with questions of relevance as a creative and cultural force, but struggling to just stay afloat (even with that inflatable phallus – or perhaps in spite of it) as a working unit.

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Me beside two photographs my brother Chris took of my dad and me at Fenway Park on May 24, 2003. Chris gave these to me, blown up and framed, for my birthday. Gazing out at the scenery and bonding with my ‘Fear The Beard’ at…

RPM TBT: The special guest frontman of "The Chill", impeccably classy as usual, and around the time of his two-night stand channeling Jagger and Daltrey (Photo by David Markson)

RPM TBT: Throwing it back to “RPM’s” ’85 college daze when yours truly’s first music-related by-lines debuted for the first time in my college newspaper, the Daily Collegian (New England’s largest, or so the slogan went). Even back then, it had been a four-year run-up to pseudo-Bangs-ian bliss. I had already been writing professionally, since I was […]

Vintage Vampires On Titus: Guided By Voices before "Bee Thousand" made them the beery buzz of indie-rock

I am a scientist – I seek to understand me all of my impurities and evils yet unknown I am a journalist – I write to you to show you I am an incurable and nothing else behaves like me I am a pharmacist prescriptions I will fill you potions, pills and medicines to ease […]

SCARF & A SQUINT: Presumably, an outtake from the "Blonde On Blonde"  photo sessions.

To hear these inspirations and ideas unfurl like a slow flag or burst like fireworks, explode into the stratosphere, and twist crazily this way and that, you get the sense that this must be what it would have been like to watch Van Gogh mix his colors and apply those bright yellows and brilliant blues to the swaying sunflowers and starry nights he dreamt into being.

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Happy 70th Birthday to The Who’s Pete Townshend, rock’s smartest, singular purveyor of windmills and power chords, smashed guitars and disaffected youth (Little Billy, Happy Jack, Cousin Kevin, Sally Simpson, Jimmy, and some kid named Tommy). In honor of today’s birthday boy behind blue eyes, here’s…

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